Producing live with the actual participation of people, interacting, while monitoring that audience’s behavior is a golden dream.

Facebook live allows us that and much more.


1. Ask questions to the audience. All program long. Preferably start doing that 48 hours before the program.
2. Incorporate the people’s questions into your interview. All program long.
3. Have your Facebook Live Feed directly incorporated into the program. We recommend using a tablet or a phone.
4. Addressed the people who commented as a part of the conversation. Show affection and respect.
5. Respond to people on Facebook. That discussion is the wave for another program.

If you see a decline in the audience, less participation, or people dropping out, change the subject!

We have to change the production paradigm; people want to be involved in the conversation.

Please take advantage of the resources that Facebook Live gives to us and make genuinely different content.